Thursday, November 8, 2012

more art journal entries

For this journal entry, I tried to draw how I imagine my "inner motivator." This motivator is made up of all of the positive, happy feelings as I create art. I depicted these inner inspirations as an angel of golden light, her arms outstretched to share her happiness and confidence in my abilities. I used mixed media for this journal page and used newspaper clippings of uplifting words to show the positive feelings in my heart when I create.

On the opposite page, I painted a person to represent my "inner critic." This depicts those thoughts in the back of my head that criticize myself as I draw. The light from the Motivator is spreading across the page, blocking out the face of the critic. This represents my optimistic side striving to cover the negative thoughts I have when I criticize myself.
I really enjoyed creating this journal entry. It helped me to realize that when you focus on the positive, your weaknesses will eventually become your strengths.

This is a combination of acrylics and collage from a photo cut out of a National Geographic magazine. It was a photo of a child in an elaborate costume with a tear running down her face. It was very beautiful; I decided to center a journal page around it. I painted the face and the blossoms surrounding the child. For the rest, I used the photo in a collage.

I was having fun creating mixed media backgrounds for journal entries. This one includes lined paper, tissue paper, photocopies of an old page from a book, and some pressed daisies. I photographed the backgound with a pressed fern laid across the page.

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