Sunday, November 4, 2012

some doodles...

Some random little pen-and-ink drawings from last year's sketchbooks...

A little angel man
A fairy rising on the back of a fish, and an elf walking his pet hedgehog. Inspired by James Christensen.

Fishie :)

Experimenting with hand-drawn lettering

More fish...

An angel blowing a kiss


  1. Wow, Eliza, simply stunning talent!

  2. Elf walking his pet hedgehog - Eliza, work on these (They are perfect, I mean to work on the concept). I'm not kidding, they are amazing. Let me send you a list of illustrators you might enjoy and feel inspired by. Btw, you can easily create your own story and create your own book of illustrations. !!!

  3. Thanks, Mariana! I have always wanted to be an illustrator. I will send you a list of my favorite illustrators on Facebook.