Monday, November 5, 2012

my art journal

In my art class at school, we made our own art journals to use as sketchbooks and to use with the weekly prompt. I love having an art journal. I want to record my daily thoughts, memories, emotions and ideas, but I find this difficult to do in a traditional journal. Writing has never been really my thing. But with an art journal, I can express myself without being limited to words. I love having this freedom of exploring new mediums and creating works of art in my sketchbook. 

I decorated the front cover with a collage of various pictures, ribbon, feathers, etc.


Inside front cover... more collage and mixed media.

One of my recent journal entries- done with charcoal over mixed media.


Another journal entry... white charcoal and acrylic over mixed media.

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  1. Eliza, thanks for sharing the beauty of our gift. I hope you can do my children's protraits soon. I love your work!